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Juli 4

Covid-19 and vaccination just a pretext for a very different agenda?!?

For me definitely yes! The lies are too big, the procedure too inconsistent.
It was never, I repeat never about the health of the population. This claim is an outright lie.
With a harmless flu, a pandemic was arbitrarily organized. It is a plandemic.

No evidence

There is no evidence, zero. Not even indications, which could point to a strong endangerment.

I mean after all, with their criminal Corona measures they drive an intact economy to the wall, destroy whole existences of companies, craftsmen and the many other service providers. They are imprisoning the population, leaving the elderly to die alone in homes, banning children from schools and endangering children, with masking compulsions and now with vaccinations. In fact, the collateral damage is 100's of thousands of deaths.

Only due to Corona measures, vaccination deaths are not included here.

From the de facto abolition of democracy, human rights, freedom of speech, agitation against the Corona- u. Vaccination critics, censorship with now 100'000'000 (100 million) deleted video, post, websites on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, we do not even want to talk now.

Once again, evidence for the dangerousness of the virus, nothing has been found to date. Yes not even the virus itself could worldwide, ever isolated and thus not proven.
Until today not.
Note: Since almost a year there is a tender, the first which can prove the virus according to scientific standard, gets 2 x 100'000 euros. The money has not been collected until today.

Is the pandemic better founded? Unfortunately not!

Likewise, there is a lack of any data that could legally legitimize a pandemic declaration.
The WHO merely claims a pandemic.

As a data basis, the WHO cites the useless PCR tests. Apart from the fact that in 2009, the WHO changed the criteria for a pandemic in such a way that today already every small flu wave can be declared a pandemic.

The whole Corona measures are based on trickery, allegations and lies. Even so is the underlying declaration of the pandemic.

Lie 1, PCR test

With the PCR test, one would like to detect a small DNA sequence, which is suspected to belong to the virus Covid-19. Note the word "suspected".

The fact is that the DNA sequence sought in the PCR test has not been found or extracted from the Covid-19 virus. Of course how, could it be, since the virus has not yet been detected in real nature?

That is why Christian Drosten has modulated a small DNA section, a DNA sequence of only a few base pairs, on a computer. Really, this is not a joke.
So they did not discover a new virus, but invented an artificial, yet unknown sequence. Calculated together from known Asian corona viruses and from viruses of bats from Europe. As a result, not only specifically the Covid-19, but all Asian viruses are found. Of course also in Europe or USA, because these
viruses are already known for many years and have already spread worldwide.

This PCR test is therefore the basis for the pandemic claim (also confirmed by the WHO) and is used as justification for all Corona measures. The only basis nota bene.

But at least one would think that such a PCR test is functionally tested, validated and standardized.
Again, in all three cases, no it is not! Even if it is misleadingly called the gold standard.

The PCR test can, according to the inventor of the PCR test Kary Mullis, relatively reliably (not 100%), determine the part of a genome (DNA sequence). However, he expressly warns that a PCR test cannot be used to detect a disease, i.e. it cannot be used to make a diagnosis.
By the way, this is also stated on the package insert of the PCR tests. Just read it.

So the PCR test can

  • not detect infection
  • not detect a disease
  • not tell if the tested person is contagious
  • not tell whether a found virus is alive or dead
  • not detect how long the found gene snippet has been in the body. A day, a month, a year, 10 years?

The PCR test cannot detect anything except a given part of a genome (DNA sequence). And is definitely not suitable for anything else.


Such a DNA sequence is too small to be found just like that. That is why the existing DNA must be multiplied millions of times before the DNA sequence can be determined at all. Without going into detail about the technique now. The principle, with each PCR cycle (called Ct value) a doubling of the DNA sequence takes place. With a normal Ct value of 25, the DNA sequence has been doubled by 225, i.e. about 33,554,432 times.

The result of a PCR test therefore does not give a clear yes/no result. The result must be interpreted and the margin is relatively large.

What I am trying to explain here, just the Ct value without normalization lead to serious design error. The door is open to misuse.

With, primer pairs, annealing temperature, target sequence, qPCR procedure, etc. there are many more key points which would have to be normalized for the PCR test.

But there is no standardization for the PCR test. Deliberately in order to be able to misuse the test?

Serious science, for example, recommends about 25 cycles for a PCR test.
From 30 cycles, according to Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg or the Review Report (linked below), the values are completely unreliable.

However, in the Corman-Drosten WHO protocol 45 cycles are recommended. This is unserious and is scientifically and diagnostically absolutely meaningless.
Recommending so many cycles can only have one goal. Deliberately misleading, to generate as many positive Corona cases as possible.

Don't believe these lines here, don't believe the independent new media and certainly don't believe the old mainstream media which are demonstrably sponsored by the pharmaceutical lobby and are controlled as court reporters for industry and government.

Follow different sources and make your own picture.
Sure, it takes time. But please, do it anyway!
It is about democracy, it is about our freedom, it is about the naked life!
Above all, it is also the responsibility towards the following generations.

Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Co. unlawfully and arbitrarily curtail the freedom of opinion and speech.
Contributions that do not correspond to the narrative of the health mafia (such as Pharma, WHO, health ministers) are now rigorously deleted. Genuine clearing-up is prevented defacto. Readers are thus only provided with the "permitted" information and do not hear anything about the one-sided reporting.

The question of why is allowed.
After all, only lies have to be propagated. Truths are argued. Deleted and hidden, however, are exclusively only disagreeable truths and its argumentations.

CH-VUK tries to find the deleted sources, about other links and to replace. What unfortunately can not always succeed.

Letters to the editor, statements or opinions that do not correspond to the Corona narrative will not be published by the mainstream media.
CH-VUK offers all concerned citizens, who would like to express themselves, the possibility to express themselves (also anonymously) with a guest contribution, letter to the editor or a short statement. Even if the content does not correspond to the opinion of CH-VUK.
Of course, this also applies to you, in your own language.


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